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Golf Course

The 6 green course to the west of the house offers many challenging holes and a great deal of interesting variety. The principle of the “Star of David” layout, with one large common fairway in the middle and all the greens ranged around the edge, offers a large number of alternative greens to play to from each tee and, for that reason, each hole has a name rather than a number.

Hole From To Yards Par
1 Abbey High 390 4
2 High Lake 138 3
3 Lake Oak 131 3
4 Oak Field 165 3
5 Tennis Low 323 4
6 Low High 136 3
7 High Field 240 4
8 Tennis Lake 250 4
9 Lake Home 225 4
Total 1998 32

The Abbadia’s layout gives the choice of playing to several greens from every tee. It is therefore possible to play up to 27 holes without repetition.

The joys of the course are the variations of height, as much as 100 metres, and the many challenging doglegs. A typical series of choices for a 9-hole round might work out as illustrated. One option is to allow the winner of each hole to choose the next green to play!

Care of the course is in the hands of the on-site management assisted by Elir, the head gardener. An electric golf buggy is available, together with 2 quality sets of men’s clubs and one set for ladies. In view of the difficulties of recovering errant balls from the surrounding woods and the lake, it is suggested that visitors bring an ample supply of golf balls. For keen golfers, who may wish to bring their own clubs, there is an opportunity to sample three excellent 18-hole courses within a short distance of Abbadia Celestina.